Crazy Christmas Deals – Flash Sales on Gearbest

13 more days to Christmas… The atmosphere is already been
painted red red red and more deals are already being unfolded with reduced

Gearbest is actually running Crazy Xmas Sales from Dec 11 –
22, 2015
. Some deals are just too crazily cheap. You need to check them out ranging from different range of devices that will blow your mind and leave your jaw open.
Meanwhile if you’ve already place your order from them but you can’t track or
you are having issue with your order, kindly drop your order number under this
Check the deals here!
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9 thoughts on “Crazy Christmas Deals – Flash Sales on Gearbest”

    • Hello Chukwu,
      Sorry for the delay but see gearbest reply as regards ur order below.

      W1511300258173760   Sorry for the delay of this order ,it's because the smartphone was out of stock ,but the stock is already on the way to our warehouse ,and we will test it when we get it ,then we will ship it .Sorry again for the delay.
      W1511301431343254  As for this order ,we already shipped 11 items at 8th Dec,and here is the tracking number:RC455201524NL.And i just checked the information,it seems the delivery do not update the information in time ,please kindly wait a few days.As for the last 3 items,they are one the way ,once we have it ,we will ship it soon.Sorry for the delay.

    • Hello Dave,
      Sorry for replying u lately.
      Here is gearbest reply as regards ur package.

      WP1512140012302739  this order has financial problem ,i have told our fellows ,they will try to solve it ,and then we will ship the package.

  1. You asked us to place our order number. Since you're not replying. Would you kindly delete my order number.? Because an feeling kinda frightened right now. Thank you.

    • Hello Oga,
      Sorry about every delay,

      I just can't reply an empty message when I haven't recv any info yet from gearbest.
      Patience is everything!

      If you feel frightens as you said and you want ur order number deleted,
      Kindly send me u order number or name and it will be deleted.

      Thank you.

  2. Hi Prof,is it safe to send a scanned copy of one's ID /driving license and MasterCard ATM showing only the last four digits of the ATM card? Gearbest requested these from me for a verification before they process the order.
    What could be the possible reasons for Gearbest to cancel an order and refund the customer?


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