Final Day of Jumia Birthday Deal – 80% Off, Plus 10% Discount Off Verve Card

is the last day of Jumia birthday deal, great products await you. Are you still
wondering if you should get a product for yourself or not? This is the time to
act very fast. Below are the flash sales deal available for today;

Thursday 7th of April => Flash Sale Deals
Droidpad 7C Pro –
actual price N27,000, but it
will be sold N13,500 comes up 9AM.
– 30% off, comes up 12PM
– actual price N13,400, but
it will be sold N9,700, comes up 3PM.
– actual price N97,760, but
it will be sold N63,600, comes up 6PM
flash sale deal happen very fast, so you need to be extra fast enough before
someone. To be part of these flash sales, click here
Card Holders can also utilize this opportunity to get 10% discount on
smartphones and fashion items when you purchase them here. Valid till April 8th.

can also partake buy using any of the voucher below to get 12,500 off your
Jumia always have something for everyone.
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14 thoughts on “Final Day of Jumia Birthday Deal – 80% Off, Plus 10% Discount Off Verve Card”

  1. It's still the same thing in the laptop, they've replaced the 7c with a rechargeable fan, criminals. Why advertise something you can't deliver on, really had my hopes up to get it.

  2. Off prof I was there by 8:59

    Was reloading till 9

    Now it's 9:07

    They didn't sell the droid pad 7c pro at 13500 it remained, 32k

    The droid pad has we're disappeared from their list, I though it was an error, I really don't understand why Jumia keeps going this

  3. Good afternoon Mr yomi..I want to make an Order from Gearbest this week, so I want to know the conversation rate of Dollar to Naira on Gearbest . Thank you sir. Waiting for your response.

    • Hello Maxwell, dollar rate charges is not gearbest dependent. It is bank dependent. As at 3 days ago, GTB charges N299 per dollar. I don't know about other banks.


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