Ntel Sim Pick-Up is Currently On-going in Abuja

Ntel is finally out of Ghost mode… if you are living in Abuja, ntel SIM pick up on-going in Abuja at the Transcorp Hilton. Some persons have already picked up theirs, what are you waiting for?

I don’t know about Lagos state but if you’ve picked up your own ntel sim, kindly let us know. Meanwhile, ntel will enter Port-Harcourt next month.

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21 thoughts on “Ntel Sim Pick-Up is Currently On-going in Abuja”

  1. Nigerians too like new things. But This network is going to be the must expensive network, For president and governors including those in government offices shearing our oil money. I pray let there be unblockable loophole.

  2. They will first share it among the elite people first bcos of the first 100,000 people to activate the sim get free call for life.
    So my guys make una wait till the first 100,000 complete there activation.

    • Airtel BlackBerry 10 sub is different from airtel BlackBerry sub. Airtel bb10 sub works on all devices without changing your imei. Airtel BlackBerry doesn't work on Android except you change ur imei to that of z10. You can tether it to any devic you want


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