Have You Heard of Airtel Triple Surf Offer? It Gives You 100% Data Bonus

Hello guys, have you heard about Airtel Triple surf offer?
It is new tariff plan and they call this one Triple Surf Offer. This Triple
Surf Offer by Airtel will give you up to 100% bonus on data activation on
purchase and renewals.

This new airtel triple surf have been designed by the
Telecommunication giant to reward their data subscribers. You can get reward of
up to double of your current Airtel Data plan.
The Airtel triple surf offer
is designed in such a way that Airtel data subscribers get more for their
loyalty to the company. It is not a data plan on its own. It only gives you
bonus on your data subscription based on your current Airtel data plan. The
Percentage of data you get is dependent on your current Airtel data plan.
What Are Benefits on Triple Data offer
The benefits of the offer are as follows:
50% bonus data
when you activate any of the applicable data plans
Up to 75% bonus
data on first renewal
Up to 100% bonus
data on 2nd renewal
How do I activate the Triple Surf offer?
Simply Dial *141#
Select option 2
in the menu “Triple Surf Offer”, you will see the list of applicable bundles
Activate any of
the applicable data bundles and you will begin to enjoy your bonus
Available Plans on Triple Surf Offer
Plan Name          Price
     Volume    1st subscription      1st
Renewal  2nd Renewal
Daily                     100         30MB                    50%        75%                        100%
3 day                     200         50MB                    50%        75%                        100%
Weekly                  300         80MB                    50%        75%
Easy                      500         750MB                  50%        75%
Android1             1000       1.5GB                    50%         50%
Android 2            2000       3.5GB
Android 3.5         3500       7GB
How to Check your Data Balance
To check your Airtel data balance, simply dial *140#.
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  2. I don't think it is sim selective, its available for every airtel subscribers. It is worth trying but i don't trust Airtel NG on this. The give with one hand and collect with two hands.


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