Easiest Way To Increase Any Android Internal Space

In one way or the other, if you are a committed Android user, you
must have come across a disgusting  message telling you that you don’t have enough memory on your Android
while you still have a lot of spaces left unused. I know I had written
different articles on How to increase your Android internal memory; but While
surfing the net, I came across this easy and unique  way of  increasing your
Android internal

storage space, different from what I’ve shared before and it
seems interesting and much more easier. All Credit Goes to Mobility.ng for

Before you begin, you need this
==>A rooted Android Device
==>A file explorer with root privileges. You can
download ES file explorer
If you’ve gotten all the above in place,
Do the below;

==>Navigate to Root
>>Click on data>>>log_other_mode as seen from the image

==>Open the folder and delete
all the file inside it.
==>Reboot your device and go
back to check your internal storage… You should now see that it has increased.

It works like charm on any
Android phone getting that ridiculous annoying messages that “you are running
short of memory”
. Don’t let your Android be the boss cos you are the boss.

==>Won’t it affect my phone?

Ans: it won’t affect your phone
when you successfully delete that log file. It will only free your space.

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87 thoughts on “Easiest Way To Increase Any Android Internal Space”

  1. Dear Prof, I don't usually comment all the time but just to tell you we appreciate all the good work you're doing for everyone out there. You are greatly appreciated…always.

  2. On my Sm@rtmini 620i the data folder is empty? is there a cause for alarm?
    Even though I have no memory issues right now, I downloaded the app incase of…

  3. I find it So difficult to make comment here……don't know Why…. Anyway, Prof,When I click on my data folder it was empty,and I have root my phone….please help.

  4. pls prof. which glo bis package do i suscribe to.. pls d code and do i use both imei u sent to me to tweak both sims or i use just anyone i prefer to tweak any sim slot i prefer?

  5. I don't usually comment ,but today i feel like i am compelled to say something.You are the best blogger i've seen so far.
    I respect and appreciate your good work.keep the good work going.

  6. Greetings prof..Weldon 4 d great job u're doing. pls I need a favor from u. u see I've neva 4 once had any interest or seen any reason to root my android phone until I saw ur previous post on how 2 get 1.5gig fro eti. kindly send 2 my mail how I can root my M3 wit all necessary precautionary things I must do, den how I can tweak d imei 2 get d MB & a working imei. Thanks a bunch!!! Regards. email add- [email protected]

    • Go to playstore, download framaroot.apk
      run and install it on ur m3, click on borohmir and ur device will be rooted. To check if ur device is properly rooted, download rootchecker from playstore to verify ur root priviledges.

      Follow the previous thread to tweak ur imei

  7. Yomiprof, I have this LG VS920 4GLTE phone that uses cdma. So I am only able to use visafone network.
    But I cant browse with it. There's no internet settings of visafone on the phone. I once took it to visafone office where they helped in configuring their settings but it didnt even show any E/3G/H+. The Visafone engineer said there's nothing he could do.
    Can you be of help. I really need to make this phone browse and by the way the phone was sent to Nigeria

  8. Bro pls my Glo 3G isn't showing, its only showing 2G nd wen I swtich to 3G my glo network won't show again until I switch over to 2G…. Pls help

    • Maybe you don't have 3G network in your location. Check to see if you have Glo 3G network in your location. If you do, then you need to change your imei again.

  9. Yomiprof its still onto the Lg vs920 4glte cdma phone. You suggested I should unlock it but if I put any gsm sim inside, it won't bring any option for unlock code. It won't just show network but if I put any cdma sim like visafone, multilinks etc it shows network. Engineers says its a cdma phone. The imei self different. Pls help

    • You don't need to change your IMEI before using Etisalat bis just get a new sim sub for the bis plan (Don't sub on old SIM) Download Psiphon from playstore put etisalat in Proxy server save, launch and

      But I will advice you buy etisalat data from SME seller it cheaper

    • ello friend,
      You can still use blackberry sub on it without rooting. Just go to play store and download Engineering mode mtk, to change your imei.

      To root your device, use KingoRoot apk.

  10. Mr yomi tnk u 4 ur updates. I ve fixed my phone nd since den hve been afraid 2 root my phone so dat it wont crash. Hope if i root my phone again nd follow dis update on how to increase internal memory,it wont crash? Pls advise me.tnk u

  11. Prof pls i need ur help urgently,ive tried rooting my my alcatel pop 4 plus with kingroot and it nis not working at all,most times it crashes and reboots my phone ,pls sir wat other method can i use to root my phone ?

    • Hello Musty, the new version you are using now after the update isn't working with the version of Kingroot you intend to root it with.

      What version of Android are you currently running on your device?

      My advice, use an old version of kingroot to root your device or if you have a PC, download kingroot on pc and root it with it.

  12. Good morning prof. Pls prof, I would like to chat with you in person on some matters of concern.
    I need your whatsapp contact so that I can direct message you there. Thanks a lot.

  13. @mustapha,

    You need to learn the art of reading and assimilation. If you read that post once and you didn't get the info in there, then, what's stopping you from going over it the second and third time again?

    When you now find out you still don't understand the 'ish' then, you can direct your question here.

    The reason why i have to be this lengthy is due to the fact that this post is neither sketchy nor confusing/complex and because some are fond of asking questions when the answers are all plastered over the post. Prof had BOLDED those things you needed.

    You will find the 'Root folder' in the ES FILE EXPLORER…..remember you have to download it First.

    **Pardon the pokenose.

  14. Weldon Mr yomi really appreciate your effort. Please how can I root my Samsung s4 phone without having to use Odin already having a low memory.


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