Easiest Way to Fix Android Memory Running Low on Internal Memory (Without Rooting)

This is going to be a perfect fix for all those having low memory issue, slow Android  all the time even though you still have about 8GB free internal memory. That ungodly message that always pop up whenever you are about to install an app that you are running low out of memory got to stop right now.

I’m going to show you the easiest way without installing any app, formating your device or even having root access.  This method will completely sanitize your Android phone and make it faster thereafter.

1. Dial *#9900# – This will bring up the following screen – Sysdump

2. Hit the ‘Delete dumpstate/logcat‘ button. Hit OK on the confirmation dialog.
3. Scroll to the end of the screen and hit ‘Exit’

That’s it!

I’ve seen about 1.8GB freed the first time I used this. Try it and use the comment box to give your testimony.

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25 thoughts on “Easiest Way to Fix Android Memory Running Low on Internal Memory (Without Rooting)”

  1. That method is for non mtk users. Try this

    Clear App Cache and Data

    Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage applications > Menu > Sort by size. Then open the highest memory consuming apps and either Clear cache or Clear data as desired. (Note: Clearing data will remove the app settings and data). File managers, Browser, Twitter, Gmail, Google Play music, Google search, Facebook, Messenger, Dropbox, Soundcloud, etc. are some of the storage hog apps.

  2. Bros my fone infinix hot one, has a problem. A pop always come up showing, unfortunately massage has stop, unfortunately adobe has stopped. Unfortunately fone has stopped. Wat could dat be. Have formatted it, i did wipe chasa petition. But all prove abortive. Wat do i do next.

  3. ask first option each time I want to make calls. It switches back automatically each time I change it manually to my preferred Sim too, making calls and sending messages has not been easy. Pleas Help.


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