Why The Panic? Is This How MMM Nigeria will Crash?

The heart of Nigerians were sadden this Morning by the unfortunate
news displayed on their MMM office dashboard frozen all MMM Mavros for 30 days
meaning, you won’t be able to Get Help until after 30days January 13th,

The news state that;
”As usual, in the New Year season the System is experiencing
heavy workload. Moreover, it has to deal with the constant frenzy provoked by
the authorities in the mass media. The things are still going well; the participants
feel calm; everyone gets paid – as you can see, there haven’t been any payment
delays or other problems yet – but!.. it is better to avoid taking risk.:-))
(Moreover, there are almost three weeks left to the New Year.)
”Hence, on the basis of the above mentioned, from now on all
confirmed Mavro will be frozen for a month. The reason for this measure is
evident. We need to prevent any problems during the New Year season, and then,
when everything calms down, this measure will be cancelled. (Which we will
definitely do.:-))
”We hope for your understanding,
Hence, I want to call on all the guiders to explain to their
downlines what the above message means… 
People are asking if this is how MMM Nigeria will crash? How will MMM
pay more than 50%
of people who have PH’ed in January when there is panic
MMM Guiders, where arth thou?
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26 thoughts on “Why The Panic? Is This How MMM Nigeria will Crash?”

  1. MMM NIgeria is still very much healthy, and i think its a good decision to froze all the mavroz till after 30days. They did like this last year.

    Guys make una no fear, MMM Nigeira Long Live

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    • You head is not correct. Idiot. Domain that was registered on 23rd of last month. and it will expire 2017.
      No site security
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      I'm very sure this site was launched by one yeye ajegunle boy.

      Don't do it oooooo… It is a scam

  3. Let's hope it didn't crash yet. I was skeptical about PHing in December because i'm aware most people will want to GH to celebrate the festive season and i'm not ready to PH my money to anyone this season.
    There were two occassions where i deliberately refused to make payment in November, Two of my "matched fellows" even called to alert me to the 'matching', i just told them, No Problem! I that know what i'm doing.
    They blocked my account twice and twice i requested they unblock it and they did.
    But, something i find strange is that i was denied the opportunity to GH which became suspicous to me and that sponsor my art/act of revenge and refusal to make payment.

    May God help those that PH in December…it was an unwise decision to take.

    • you are wicked and you did not get the ideology,a typical nigerian you are,its people with your mind set we have in government.@victor emmanuel.

  4. I think yomi prof I'd right by saying he has never seen a rich nan that have never lost money before, I guess this will make some of you guys become richer soon because you have lost money now though I guess some will still loose more money bcos they will become more richer than others

  5. This is to officially announce to all MMM members around the world that we are currently updating our website for 50% upgrade that will lead to 2017. We are sorry for the inconveniences, for more information call MMM help center with the following number +2348158826526 or email us at, [email protected] Thanks for your understanding.


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