ntel Live in Port-Harcourt, Pick up Your SIMs Here

waiting for this long, Ntel finally made up their mind to extend hands of
internet fellowship to Port-Harcourt peeps. It is actually long overdue. I guess
this is answered prayer to Port-Harcourt Peeps who want to experience the real
power of 4G LTE speed.

are the pick-up areas for your ntel sim below;

up your ntel SIMs at Idems Ultimate ltd, 278 Aba Rd, opp shell Residential Area,

Pick up your SIMs at Houston Tech ltd, 8 liberty Drive, Alcon Rd, Woji

For enquiries call 08044440152 or 08044440153.

can also check suitable ntel plans here

network covers across Portharcourt city and villages, definitely will work on
your 4G smartphone.

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5 thoughts on “ntel Live in Port-Harcourt, Pick up Your SIMs Here”

  1. Just pick ur sim to enjoy their free internet . after that u can dump it if u like. because the network are not trying . their voxhd is nonsense , seems like they also capped their Internet speed it cannot stream video like b4.

  2. baba u use spectranet.
    and from wat i know it doesnt zap.
    do far i af used 3gig under days
    but once its 1am.
    o bobs
    na downloading time.
    speeed drops sha.
    naija 4g scam.

    between 1.5mb to 3mb speed at 1am and above


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