OH No! MTN Lost 714,700 Subscribers, Etisalat Lost 267,285

Whatever might have led to this isn’t proper
at all… The question I kept asking is where did 1,275,573 internet users port
too? Did they just disappear into thin air?

According to the latest report coming from NCC via
NAN, MTN lost 714,700 subscribers, Globacom lost 143,787 users, Airtel NG lost
149,801, and Etisalat lost 267,285 internet subscribers in the Month of
February 2017.

The data revealed that MTN had 30,300,705
subscribers browsing the internet on its network in the month under
review. MTN recorded a drop of 714,700 internet subscribers in February
after recording 31,015,405 in January.
According to the data, Globacom had 26,932,485
customers surfing the net on its network in February, revealing a decline of
143,787 users from the 27,076,272 who surfed the internet on the network in
Airtel had 19,468,684 internet users in
February, reducing by 149,801, the number of customers in its January record of
The data also showed that Etisalat had
customers who browsed the internet in February. It recorded a
decrease of 267,285 users from the 13,564,284 users it recorded in January.
Could this be recession or those 1.275,573
internet subscribers stopped using smartphones?
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15 thoughts on “OH No! MTN Lost 714,700 Subscribers, Etisalat Lost 267,285”

  1. some are spectranet and some changed data plan to facebook, whatsapp plan….some no just get time and money to buy data.

  2. Mr Yomi, please help us to figure out a way we can use the Airtel 2G 10days plan with H+ network… abeg man… using it for 2G alone is just so annoying. abeg help a brother.

  3. Why would i even think of using etistingy? Or babaslowglo? These ppl are playing they self…. There customer will keep reducing if they don't fix the complaint customers are giving em daily..

    Imagine mumu Airtel wey dey offer weekend plan for selected customers (Not all customers va) they discontinued it last week.. Please why else will they expect me to still be using their Sim? Their normal sub sef dey zap data anyhow
    .. I Have no option left than to be using MTN which is the best in my area.

    Meanwhile MTN double data still works perfectly.. So i don't av any problem with em for now 😉

  4. What of Airtel and Glo? ,Airtel and Glo should learn a lesson from this two counterpart , and I don't what happened to this two (MTN and Etisalat)? may be they are not giving us this free cheat and free offer.


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