How to Install Samsung Virtual Assistant Bixby on Any Samsung Devices

Its no longer news that Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ was
launched last week along side Samsung very own assistant called Bixby.

Samsung’s Bixby is the new kid on the block of personal
digital assistants and is likely to face a rough reception in a neighborhood
dominated by tech sector rivals. Bixby is an AI system that’s designed to make
device interaction easier, specifically designed to avoid the complexity of
increasingly fully-featured devices. Exclusively made available to Samsung
Galaxy S8 devices, but is designed to work across a range of Samsung products.
Bixby works like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Assistant
and Microsoft’s Cortana.
Bixby understand your natural language, all you need to do
is give complete information and Bixby will interpret it and take action.
Since it’s made available to only Galaxy S8 &S8+, an XDAmember has been able to make it work on older Samsung devices that run Android
Here is how;
>>First of all make sure your Samsung device is
running Android Nougat
>>Download and install Samsung Galaxy S8 launcher here
>>Download and install Bixby apk here
 or download alternatively here
>> Go to S8 launcher setting by long pressing on home screen
>> Activate Bixby
Reboot your device and swipe left from your home screen to harness the full
functionality of Bixby.
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