NCC to Start Ranking & Saction Telcos For Poor Services

When you think of the poorest network in Nigeria (most
especially in your area), I’m pretty sure you know without me mentioning any
name. However, NCC has threatened to sanction telcos who are performing below
the industrial average with consistently poor service delivery.

According to NCC, the
key performance indicators (PKIs) of the NCC when applied to the services of
the telcos showed that they were performing below par. This got to the highest
level especially in the months of October, November, December 2016
, he
“We invited the operators and laid bare what was happening
to the quality of service which has degraded to unacceptable level,”
however, the
service providers have complained of lack of infrastructure, denial of right of
way and the dearth of foreign exchange to procure telecoms equipment.
This is What NCC Will do
The NCC is going to impose sanction, and there will be
ranking on the quality of service  so Nigerians will know which to
NCC will be taking compliance action to compel the service
providers to provide acceptable standard of service delivery.
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8 thoughts on “NCC to Start Ranking & Saction Telcos For Poor Services”

  1. Sometimes maybe they are working hard. or maybe they are creating another way of making money from network providers. They should start with glo if they are serious.

  2. Good day,prof of life,I have this etisalat locked zte mf83m mifi modem that I want to unlock so I can use other network sims on it,I have used dcunlock but it didn't help,can you help me on what to do please.


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