Will You Rock This Lenovo Bendable Laptop Concept?

As long as I’m concern this isn’t likely to happen because it’s
just a concept and this is not the first time I’m seeing something like

This is Lenovo wild idea and they believe someday, it will
come to reality. Lenovo showed off its idea of the future of personal computing
with an image of a bendable laptop with a flexible display; a built-in
keyboard; and even the signature ThinkPad pointing stick, or mouse nub —
whatever you want to call it. With this concept, most of the interaction would
happen over voice commands or a stylus.
Do you know what this means… can you imagine navigating your
browser with only your voice or completely controlling your laptop with the voice command? This is indeed a nightmare. But Lenovo believe that
this concept would be achieved through “advanced materials” and “new screen
Will you rock it?
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13 thoughts on “Will You Rock This Lenovo Bendable Laptop Concept?”

  1. To me it's just a fancy. I would prefer samsung world slimmest laptop than this.
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  2. Before something like this will come into reality, I believe it will be in my children children's generation. Nice concept though.

  3. Are You Still Asking Prof, Of Course I'll Rock It If I Have The Money To Buy It. Who Go See This Kind Thing Still Waka Go Buy Normal Laptop If The Person Fit Afford Am.


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