Take Advantage of BitClub Advantage Professional Traders… Let Your Money Work For You

The first time I made a post on TradecoinClub, the value of
Bitcoin wasn’t upto $1000; but right now the value of bitcoin is around
$4,787.99. Imagine you traded with TradecoinClub then, your profit would have
skyrocketed in bitcoin.

But I’m not here to talk about TradeCoin… but to introduce
you to BitClub Advantage. BitClub Advantage is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS with EXPERTISE in
one of the biggest financial markets of today, the CRYPTOCURRENCY.
BitClub Advantage focus is to provide partners with daily and constant profits in
these markets.
Things You Should Know About Bitclub Advantage:

1. They are into sport trading ( unless sport didn’t exist again in the whole
2. Bitclub  have commission office in Hong
Kong, UK, Germany, Spain, France etc, likewise in Africa, Kenya, Uganda, South
Africa etc very soon Nigeria office would be launched. 
3. They deals with cryptocurrency
4. Bitclub partner with FIFA

BitClub Advantage Pays Customers in 5 Ways
Cash out bonus
Direc & Indirect ref bonus
Residual Activation Monthly bonus
Construction bonus
Programs in Awards

1. Client Partner – cost $30 =
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 5
     Daily payout =
$0.28 = *N117.60* ( Mon-fri )
     Weekly gains =
$1.40 =  *N588.00* 
     Monthly gains =
$6.16 = *N2,587.00* 
     ROI = 300%
2. Client Basic – cost $55 =
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 10
     Daily payout =
$0.56 = *N235.00* 
     Weekly gains =
$2.80 = *N1,176.00* 
     Monthly gains =
$12.32 = *N5,174.40* 
     ROI = 300%.
3. Client Bronze – cost $109 =
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 20
     Daily payout =
$1.35 = *N567.00* 
     Weekly gains =
$6.75 = *N2,835.00* 
     Monthly gains =
$29.70 = *N12,474.00* 
     ROI = 300%.
4. Client Silver – cost $264 =
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 50
     Daily payout =
$3.39 = *N1,423.00* 
     Weekly gains =
$16.93 = *N7,110.00* 
     Monthly gains =
$74.50 = *N31,290.00* 
     ROI = 300%.
5. Client Gold – cost $514 = *N215,880.00* 
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 100
     Daily payout =
$6.79 = *N2,851.00* 
     Weekly gains =
$33.93 = *N14,250.00* 
     Monthly gains =
$149 = *N62,706.00* 
     ROI = 300%.
6. Client Premium  = $1,029 =
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 200
     Daily payout =
$13.59 = *N5,707.00* 
     Weekly gains =
$67.93  = *N28,530.00* 
     Monthly =
$298.90 = *N125,538.00* 
     ROI = 300%.
7. Client Black = $2,029 =
     Rate @ N420.
     Points = 400
     Daily payout =
$30.78 = *N12,927.00* 
     Weekly gains =
$153.92 = *N64,646.00* 
     Monthly gains =
$677.26 = *N284,449.00* 
     ROI = 300%.
Any time you refer a new customer to
the company to buy a package you earn 15% of the package amount irrespective of
your position.

Practical as follows :
If A bring B, B bring C, C bring D, D bring E, E bring F, F bring G, G bring
H and H bring I, that’s 8th generations, A will collect bonuses on B down to I

You earn without referring anybody
but you earn even more when you refer people.
To qualify, you must register 2
person DIRECTLY on your left & right side.
How Can I sign up?

Please “DON’T
SIGNUP” if you are not READY to make INVESTMENT, either $23, $59, $109,
$264, $514, $1029, or $2029.

AFTER RECEIVING 300% of your capital you’ll be required to
renew your package. Once you’ve signup and activated your package, PM me, let me add you to their global WhatsApp group.

Is your money working for you or you
are working for your money?
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39 thoughts on “Take Advantage of BitClub Advantage Professional Traders… Let Your Money Work For You”

    • You can deposit in cash or with bitcoin. You can also cashout in cash or with bitcoin. Once you sign up, you choose the pack you want and it will lead you to payment page where you have the option to chose btw bitcoin or normal cash deposit. I did mine with bitcoin

  1. Tired of these get rich quick. These guys will come and take people's money in a bid to increase next thing na virus attack, hackers handiwork. Lost over 2m to Lara, MMM united, MMM Nigeria GHWW. Make I concentrate on my business. Any other lucrative business one can invest or co invest.

  2. Great program, but your capital is tied down for a whole year. even though the rate of return seems good but if you don't have big capital, it doesn't worth it. If you have atleast N500 low and token to start a busines, then you can N1,000 to N2,000 daily guarantee! visit https://goo.gl/Y9VbU2


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