ooooOOOO… Insuffiecient Memory – Fix it With This

Game lovers, movie downloader’s, are you having insufficient RAM, memory is too small? Use your SD card as a working
memory expansion! A Memory Manager which make’s you life more easy as you
think. Those of you who play alot of games on your Android device might have been seeing something like memory is running low, why? Because games consumes a lot of memory.

If you are in that class of people staring at your Android device displaying ungodly messages that is not in your power to control, then this particular post is for you; or your phone is so slow and crawling like slowDNS snail; or
whenever you attempt to open multiple applications on your device, you always
get “sorry application has stopped working,” what normally cause something
like this is when

your RAM is so low; but there is a solution to this.

RAM Expander helps you to handle this case as it bails you
out of insufficient RAM. What this app  does, is that it act as an additional RAM to
your device by using part of your memory card (You must have enough space in
your memory card to use this) to create a file called Swap File on your SD card
and this file is use to create a Virtual Ram on your SD card to boost the performance
of your Android Phones.
Where Can I Download This Paid app for Free?

Though the application Roehsoft Ram Expander is a paid app
on play store but you can download it for free from the links below;

New Link
Download it here
Or here

Read more about this app on my previous thread here.
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  1. Can i use this application on my HTC sensation? because i have the following problems; i havent root it. My PC refuse to detect the phone, d only response it gives is that USB not recognise. i have tried with four different cable. but when i use google. i saw many people with the same problem. some said it later stop but mine didnt. i guess the problem is from the factory. Any Help???

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