Surf Free On Android/PC With SlowDNS Using MTN


This is another easy fast and unique tweak for MTN users, I’m
not the author of this post but all kudos goes to whoever discovered this free
tweak just for peeps to enjoy. No long story, if you still remember that you
have an android phone and Mtn Sim, do the following below;

slowDns  version 2.2.2 from play
store or here
==> Next input the following settings: Enter your username and password, and
if you don’t have any, go to and create one.
==> Next select a server of your choice depending on your
account free or premium user.
==>Input the following in the next box.
==>Next box select TXT: Response not encoded.
==>Next box select 250.
==>Finally, tick “keep changing source port”.
==>Now click on connect and enjoy.
And make sure your default Android settings is like this

Port :8080
Username and password :web
If you already have a tunnelguru account before, no need to
register again just login and flex this while it last. It works on both PC
and Android phones. Kudos to the discoverer of this tweak.
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53 thoughts on “Surf Free On Android/PC With SlowDNS Using MTN”

  1. yomi ,I have been asking you to add me up on ur telegram for quite a while now. what the problem. chibyke add me please na 08066778574

    • as you can see the way the name goes "slowdns", though it depends on your browser… use Maxthon browser and make sure you clear the default cache setting before using it. Faster than YF!

  2. Thnx. Its working but slow. Prof when connected can I use it as hostpot on my ipad? If yes pls I need the proxy for etisalat. And is it true that the premium account is faster than the free one?

    • I haven't try that tethering to iPad, but you can give it a try. Use Maxthon browser its faster than other browser. Premium acct is abit faster and gives you unlimited bandwidth without any limitations.

  3. Thanks Prof, gonna add those numbers now, if you still wish add on telegram @08038016735….prof aim is to make internet cheaper, mine is to make the group and and the Member to be a Family…
    Thousands like……..

  4. I have register an account but i cant sign in and also d slowdns is telling me authentification fail on my noki xl what can i do i av slowdns version 2.2.1

  5. bros any other place to download this app other than playstore because after downloading it and when installing through playstore,it keeps telling me insufficient storage device and i have lot of space…up to 1.2gig

    • Try drive recovery freeware… This freeware specializes in retrieving data after accidental deletion or format.
      In the future, you should remember to backup your important data before you format or do any change to it.

      Follow this link Data Recovery Freeware

  6. thanks man but it's slow just as you said but can you also give me Symbian settings too even If is opera please…………..

  7. @proF I nid recovery.img to flash on my techno m5 cos ave searChed teu d web and I can't find one and I nid to do backup on it thankS

  8. It's working Prof. But sometimes it shows "Warning: No answer received" and it will stop, then I will reconnect it again, pls what is the cause?


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