Infinix Zero Android 4.4 Kitkat Now Available For Pre-Ordering At Affordable Price

And I think this Infinix Zero beat
hands down Nokia XL considering the price also and I’m getting to love it (though I’m not device freak).
One thing I forgot to mention with regards to the New Mtn Android is for the fact that
it can’t allow you to use any other sim on sim one (1) except an MTN sim; and
it’s only Sim one (1) that has 3.5G while sim two (2) has only Edge and you can use any network sim on it. In other
words, it’s useless without MTN sim on sim one… So if you are not an MTN lover, you won’t enjoy the new Mtn
Android phone.

Back to base, Infinix zero that was
long announced coming with Android 4.4.2 kitkat is now available for pre –ordering
at Konga and the price is a kind of cheap and affordable. Take a sleek preview of the spec

Camera: 13 megapixel camera , AF, BSI with 2 megapixel front
facing camera
Internal Memory: 8GB with SD card slot that supports up to 32GB memory card.

OS: Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Price: #20,900
Will you Pre – order this Inifinix Zero? To check the full spec and  pre – order from
Konga, Click here.

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27 thoughts on “Infinix Zero Android 4.4 Kitkat Now Available For Pre-Ordering At Affordable Price”

  1. yomi i just got approved by adsense now, how can i make the ads appear on mobile browser, its just appearing only on computer, thanks.

    • Congratulations! go to your dashboard>>template>>click on customize mobile template and enable it. Your ads will begin to show on mobile but not on opera or uc browser.

  2. pls yomi am really sorry for posting this here. My opsson D1 is really weighing me down. I got it bricked after installing a font and have being trying to recover it to no avail. I followed the instruction you posted on how to un brick. the 1st didn't work, the 2nd said "checksum compare fail" when I tried to restore the back up. the 3rd now on booting the bricked phone and connecting to the PC so as to push the boot.img file I got from mtkdroid tool back up of a good opsson d1, the mtk tool couldn't detect my bricked phone. so I just went ahead with the step but still no solution. pls what do I do

  3. Y wasting money on andriod 4.4. Wen u can upgrade your fone I upgrade my htc one v which came with 4.0 to 4.4 tru xda developer

  4. Hello prof pls help me out I factory reset my blackberry 9300 curve 2 and when I turn on my app world and bbm is gone when I tried downloading it from the web it says crypto cynogen bla bla bla error

  5. I want to upgrade my phone OS to 4.4 KItKat but I'm scared to do it cuz I read many things on Sony Forum users of my type of phone (Sony Xperia Z) that upgraded to 4.4 kitkat were complaining of the battery drainage on the new OS upgrade for Sony Xperia Z only. I need help on how I can revert back to an older OS version, 4.3 preferably if things go bad…and I don't wanna root my device….yet. Plsss help me.

    Thanks in advance. Prof

    • I can see that you are being clouded with fear of the unknown. First of all, you can't upgrade without rooting and you don't want to root it.
      Secondly, you read that SX Z atleast 90% of those who upgraded are faced with battery problem and you still want to upgrade…? Why don't you leave it the way it is now or back it up with cwm recovery if at all you still insist on upgrading it.. #JustMyOpinion

    • I upgraded mine and my device is not rooted. I used Sony update centre to do so,don't know about battery drain cos I'm a heavy user btw these smart devices battery life aren't encouraging except Samsung s5.

    • You can download cwm recovery from playstore and use the tutorial here

      And yes there is a way to unroot a rooted android phone by downloading from playstore universal unroot.apk


    I gave it a heading so that you won't skip it please help me how can I create that label bars in my blog? it's like this in your blog
    Home. biz tips. BROWSING tips.

    and so on please help me

    thanks once again for that linkwithin I have downloaded it but I don't know how to make some old post appear on in please help me this is what I need from you please Prof please help me

  7. Ikuesan idowu you can add pages to your blog which you called lable,firstly you need to creat a post and at the right bar of ur blog post creator window,you will see lable click on it and type the name of the lable you wish to add to ur menu bar(pages) after you have publish the post,scroll down your post ,you will see the lable you chosed than click on it and wait for it to load,then copy the link loaded go to add pages click on add extinal link type the page name and pest the link you copied on the link box and save. hope you understood


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