How to Get Cheapest DStv/Gotv Cable Decoder Subscription in Nigeria

You are going to love this… And I’m guessing nobody want to be paying high subscription for packages on DStv/Gotv, but because they don’t have a choice, they pay just to watch their favorite TV shows.

Now that FIFA World Cup has begun, nobody wants to be cut off unexpectedly hence, people are rushing to re-subscribe. But wait, before your current subscription expires;


What if I tell you that you can actually get cheaper subscription than what is written on DStv and Gotv website? What if I tell you that life can be easier when you subscribe your MultiChoice DStv or Gotv at a very low price.

The truth is, we all love it cheap just like how we roll with cheaper data plans, now I’m going to show you how to roll with cheaper DStv/Gotv subscription.

See DStv/Gotv Price Difference

Gotv Value N1250, charges 100=N1350, Our price N1000

Gotv Plus N1900, charges 100=N2000 our price N1600

Gotv Maxi N3800, charges 100=N3900 our price N3300

Dstv Access N1900, charges 100=N2000 our price N1600

Dstv Family N3800, charges 100=N3900 our price N3300

Dstv Compaq N6300, charges 100=N6400 our price N5500

Dstv Compaq plus 9,900, charges 100=N10,000 our price N9000

Dstv Premium 14,700, charges 100=N14,800 our price N13500

PVR also available.

This is actually coming from a reliable third party, I have tried him and my account got funded instantly.

How Do I begin?

Just send your IUC/ SMART CARD NUMBER and get activated after making Payment to

Name: Akomolafe Ademola C

Account: GTBank  0222540675

Contact Details:

WhatsApp: 08027483909

Call: 09027475767, 07037459161

Here is the Juicy part, if you are paying for two months and above, you’ll get discount on your package. I have tried him and my account was funded immediately.


NB: This is a sponsored post.

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34 thoughts on “How to Get Cheapest DStv/Gotv Cable Decoder Subscription in Nigeria”

  1. If this is a new business initiative like when data sellers started I would like to know more.. Please prof can you help me with more info about this.

  2. Thanks mr yomi, I screen shot my evidence of payment to him with my smart card number via whatsapp and my Dstv decoder was activated less than 10minutes. Thanks I think he’s reliable.

  3. It’s like resellers are the best thing to happen to us this year. Awesome data resellers now this! thanks for the info prof.

  4. If you’re doubting you’re wrong. This guy is excellent. Don’t wait for your subscription to expire. He will send you evidence of payment into your decoder via whatsapp. Opportunity Lost can never be regained

  5. Thank you Mr Ademola, I love your services. Yomi thank you for this post. The dealer was very very fast and my Gotv Plus was activated. I didn’t even call him, just a chat and screen shot of my payment.

    thank you

  6. I just got connected back after 2 weeks through this process. Thanks yomi most especially Mr Charles for this

  7. Yes I benefited from the guy’s discount for paying for 4 months extension. It’s legit 100%. My DSTV subscription renewal is now due by end of November 2018.
    Don’t miss out, don’t wait until ur Dstv subscription expires!!!

  8. In addition, I got a bonus – – – one month free subscription. Tnx Prof Yomi and Mr Ademola for the largesse.


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