Instagram New Feature “ask a question” gradually rolling out

To all Instagram lovers, we have a new feature dubbed ‘ask a question’, and its currently rolling out to Android users.

The Facebook-owned company has added the ability to ask questions in its Stories, a feature I’m surprised wasn’t already there, after rolling out the option to add soundtracks to your Stories.

Stories on Instagram already feature yes/no polls, emoji sliders that users can bundle with questions. The new ability enables followers to ask questions or roast the story uploader as well.

ask a question

For example, in the screenshot above, you could roast the story-poster in as much excruciating detail as you’d like.

The new feature appears to be slowly rolling out to Android users but not to all. Let us know if the feature is already feasible on your instagram app.



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19 thoughts on “Instagram New Feature “ask a question” gradually rolling out

  1. Do people really use all these features or even remember that such exist because most times it seems to me like they are too much.

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    • Hello Moried,
      Sorry about what you are passing through but is this problem exclusive to your two samsung phones or all other Samsung Users are experiencing thesame ish?

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