Can You Take a 360-degree shot Like This?

Some of you are good photographer who can take exceptional photos with a ‘wow’ effect using your camera.. I’ve seen lovely photos taken by people but this …left my mouth open.

This photo was taken with a 360-degree camera and some steel wool by a user on reddit. The OP explained exactly how he got this photo in the comments:


The camera I have is the Insta360 ONE. To do this shot I placed the camera on the ground about 2 metres away from me and set it to a 15 sec countdown timer which gave me time to find my position and have the steel wool burning and spinning by the time the camera shutter released.
This is a 20 sec exposure.
I took the image and distorted it in ‘Insta360 Studio’ to produce the tiny planet effect.

The picture is so amazing… can you take a 360-degree shot like this?

Source: /u/mohair69 (reddit)

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