Do You Still Root Your Phones?

Back in the day, most of us got root to fix perceived issues in Android, unlocking our bootloaders to install SuperSU and Xposed to tweak the system partition, add new features, or fix problems. Many of us even went so far as to flash ROMs (third-party versions of Android) to replace that system entirely. But things has changed over the years

Fast forward to today, and nearly all of the limitations—from big to small—have basically been addressed in the stock operating system. So many things that once required rooting and hours’ worth of tweaking are now right there out of the box. Hence, the reasons to root dwindle with each passing day and system update.


Smartphones in their factory state are performing well enough so that I do not need tuning apps any more.

But some users still find it difficult to use an unrooted Android smartphone. We’ve asked this question before and we’ll like to ask again, do you still root your Android smartphone?


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22 thoughts on “Do You Still Root Your Phones?”

  1. I cannot use my phone without Superuser power.

    But like u said, things have changed and sometimes you don’t need to root. But I root o, I love to tune my device to my liking, especially the launchers. Recently I only root so i could flash the Pixel Launcher (or Pixel-like launcher) and still swipe right to get the google feeds. I hate the crapy launcher in my Leagoo T5c.

  2. Permission has taken the place of rooting. That comes with a downside. Phone dummies don’t usually check the sort access they they are giving to apps asking for permission.

    Last I rooted my phone was from android 4.4 downward.

  3. what a shame! u dudes don’t even know d full extent of the value of rooting. u think it’s for freebrowsong only. for example, with rooting i can use kali linux on sn android fone, and do so much more. think twice, coz u haven’t searched d whole NET to find d entire usage & usefulness of “rooting”

  4. well..rooting an Android Na life mehn! But i’ve neva been able to root any of my android ?. Marshmallow is unrootable i think, I tried everything.

  5. I never even got to root any of my android phones and the way Android OS is Changing for the better, I don’t think there’s even a need to

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  7. Rooting is very important. But the downside is upgrading problem. When you root ur phone u can do many things with it. I do root my phone in order to install Google mod and lucky patcher. But it depends on the kind of the phone. I can’t root my note 8


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