Atiku Launches AI Powered Video that allows you to ask him any question with instant answers

The 2019 Presidential Elections is just a few days away, and the various campaign teams are racking their heads trying to sway voters.

One campaign team has gone a step further to develop an interesting social engagement tool. Atiku Abubakar, has launched an interactive technology by pioneering a World First innovative #AskAtikuYourself AI interactive video for the youth of the nation, earning the reputation as the “Nigeria’s Digital President.

Ask Atiku Yourself

According to him, “the innovation will enable young people interact directly with HE Atiku Abubakar by choosing from a host of questions to pose to the PDP Presidential Candidate and hear directly from him his answer.

How it Works

Using a video of the presidential hopeful, the AI feature allows anyone select a list of pre-selected questions they would like Atiku to answer. The questions display as a checklist selection, and you are expected to select one question at a time.

Using predictive touch technology, the AI knows what question you have selected and plays the right video with the answers. And right there, within the video, the presidential candidate does the honours and responds aptly to all of the questions.

You Can Access it here

The innovative technology works on smart phones and any other device that can access a web browser from laptop, PCs to tablets. It can easily be shared on social media, emails, “SMS or WhatsApp.

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17 thoughts on “Atiku Launches AI Powered Video that allows you to ask him any question with instant answers”

  1. Abi e no go better for atiku ni, i clicked only to see questions like ”what’s his hobby?”
    See hw this bastards are toying with Us.. #YouthRiseUp, bring yur fork if that’s yur best weapon!

  2. I can’t be fooled by their antics and deceitfulness again, we’ve been here before, we need no one to remind us of what they did in the past.


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