This New WhatsApp Feature will show you how many times your message has been forwarded

This is what whatsApp is currently working upon to upgrade its messenger, called Forwarding info and Frequently forwarded.

The update will be rolled out to WhatsApp beta in the next future update…  Forwarding Info will allow users to get more details about a forwarded message. It will let the user know how many times the message has been forwarded.

Frequently forwarded

This information will be available for sent messages only, because the user can navigate into Message Info only for messages he sent. Once the user forwards a message, he can tap on Message Info and know how many times a received message has been forwarded.

Frequently Forwarded, on the other hand is a label that will show up if one message has been forwarded more than four times. WhatsApp looks to add this feature to help the user to understand when a message is very popular on WhatsApp.

The tracker notes that the Forwarding Info feature does not seem to be available when a message is set as Frequently Forwarded. As mentioned, there is no clarity on when these two features will be enabled, but it should arrive in next future beta updates.

WhatsApp Short Message

WhatsApp is now rolling out short message ( for whatsApp business beta on iOS version

WhatsApp forwarded info, freqently forwarded and short link
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The new short link feature allows businesses to access a short URL to share with their customers, so that they can start a WhatsApp chat with the organisation.

To access the new feature, head to Settings to find the Short Link section.


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