WhatsApp Launches a New Browser Extension Called Code Verify

We’ve been seeing series of update from the popular messaging app WhatsApp to enhance its functionalities, and I guess you’re part of those using its multi device feature that allows you to use WhatsApp on up to four device.

The company has launched a new browser extension called Code Verify; an open source web browser extension that automatically verifies the authenticity of the WhatsApp Web code being served to your browser.

code verify

Code Verify confirms that your WhatsApp Web code hasn’t been tampered with or altered, and that the WhatsApp Web experience you’re getting is the same as everyone else’s. 

What this means is that the sole purpose is to ensure the web version of WhatsApp is secure enough and the end-to-end encryption hasn’t been compromised.

WhatsApp says that after it launched the multi-device support, it’s seeing an increasing number of WhatsApp web logins which makes the web version of the app prone to attacks.

How to use Code Verify

The Code Verify extension is offered by Meta Open Source and will be available on the official browser extension stores for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox.

Once installed, Code Verify will run automatically when you go to WhatsApp Web and act as a real-time alert system for the code you’re being served on WhatsApp Web. Pinning the extension to your web browser’s toolbar will allow you to see its findings without any additional steps.


The extension doesn’t log any data, metadata, or user data, and it does not share any information with WhatsApp. It also does not read or access the messages you send or receive.

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