WhatsApp Update: Cross-Platform Chat Migration Between Android, iOS

A few changes are coming to WhatsApp which includes the possibility to transfer your chat history to a different WhatsApp platform in a future update i.e from Android to iOS platform.

Once the feature has completed testing in the beta versions of WhatsApp, it should allow users to migrate their chat history from WhatsApp on iOS to WhatsApp on Android, and vice versa.

Whatsapp chat migration

WhatsApp says the main issue for enabling the feature is “difference in data formats” – backups on Android go to Google Drive, while Apple users have their chats on iCloud. Unfortunately, they are not cross-compatible and this denies users from transferring their chat history between the two platforms.

But it’s about to be resolved even though there is no timeline when this will be added, but the source said people who have the latest WhatsApp version on the App Store should be able to see it when it’s added.

We await more updates from the developers.


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1 thought on “WhatsApp Update: Cross-Platform Chat Migration Between Android, iOS”

  1. The app that claims this can be done requires payment of large sum to enable one backup and transfer chat from IOS to Android. When this happens, bad business for those guys.


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