WhatsApp Upcoming Update – Suspicious Link Detection

We’ve been receiving lot of updates lately from the popular instant messaging app WhatsApp after receiving the re-download media updates.

It appears there is about to be another update for WhatsApp dubbed “Suspicious Link Detection” that is slowly rolling out.

suspicious link detection

The new update is not yet available to everyone as its still under development. This feature should restrict the spammy links that are being shared.

Suspicious Link Detection

This feature will help users to detect sent and received suspicious links in WhatsApp. The app analyzes when you receive it and detects if it redirects to a fake or alternative website. If the link is found suspicious, it will present a message that is marked with a red label, indicating to you the presence of it.

Regardless of the warning message, if you try to open the link, WhatsApp will alert you again that you’re trying to open a possible suspicious link.

The company is still working on improving the new feature hence the delay in rolling it out. But in the next couples of days or weeks, it should be available probably with an option for users to even report a suspicious link.


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17 thoughts on “WhatsApp Upcoming Update – Suspicious Link Detection”

  1. There is nothing as good as getting updates with wonderful features. This will be really helpful once rolled out

  2. Hmm whatsapp is becoming something else. It’s best for now, and they don’t want anything else to beat it. They may create premium version someday.

  3. I’m even tried of updating my whatsapp. You update now, the next 2mins it says update.
    The should try and fix it fast.


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