Best Unlimited Data Plans For Android, iOS and PC Users

Depending on how you want it, you are going to need unlimited data plans these ember months that can at least last you for 30 days without fear of thinking of data exhaustion.

Calculate how many times you’ve recharge for data this month, if you’ve spent more than N10,000 for data this month alone, then you need to opt-in for unlimited plans. Here are our lists of compiled unlimited plans suitable for you.

Best Unlimited Data Plans These Ember Months

Spectranet Unlimited Plans:

Spectranet offers you three spectra-cular Unlimited Plans which you can choose from.

unlimited data plans spectranet

Mega Value 25GB: With mega value, you get 25GB any time data plans + Free Unlimited night plans for just N10,000

Mega Value 40GB: You get 40GB any time data plans + Free Unlimited night plans for just N12,500

Mega Value 60GB: You get a whopping 60GB of data + Free Unlimited night plans for just N15,000

Note: The unlimited night browsing is applicable from 1 AM – 7 AM daily. Occasionally, spectranet runs double data bonus, so if you happen to renew your plan within the double data promo period, then you will be getting double of any of the anytime data plans listed above.


Smile recently revamped their data plans, now offering your double value plus on data; you can check it out here.

Smile NG has 3 Unlimited Plans as seen below;

unlimited data plans

Unlimited Lite: Gives you 25GB data for N10,000… but once you reach the 25GB cap, your speed will be throttled until your plans expire.

Unlimited Essentials: Gives you 60GB data for N15,000… but once you reach the 60GB cap, your speed will be throttled until your plans expired.

Unlimited Premium: Gives you 80GB data for N19,800, and once you reached that cap, it will be throttled until your plan expires

Tizeti Unlimited Plans: We’ve already talked about tizeti unlimited plans a few weeks ago, so no need to stress it again… You can find how to get Tizeti Unlimited Plans for N9500 here.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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    Please I just got this wireless device and want to use a different Sim with It but I can cox It keeps saying unlock…
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  2. Spectranet is ok. Been using them to abt 3yrs now. Data burns very slow,unless your babe use her iphone to join your wifi. Iphone ate 8gig of my data in just 2days. I pay 10k every month. Network downtime is abt 20% on spectranet. Once its remaini g 1 to 2 gig left on your 10k and above sub,the soeed becomes slow. Spectranet shud enter benin abeg


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