How to Open a MoMo PSB Account and Get Instant N100

Just last week, MTN began full operation of MoMo PSB digital bank, which you can easily open your own personal account in seconds, buy cards, data, and pay bills.

How to Open Momo PSB Account

To open a MoMo wallet, dial *671# using any mobile number, choose a four-digit pin and voila, you have successfully opened a MoMo PSB wallet and your phone number is now your account number. You’ll be given a free N100 which you can instantly use to recharge or buy data directly from your momo wallet.

How to send money using a MoMo wallet

To send money to a trader, friend or family member on MoMo wallet, all you need is their phone number and you can send money seamlessly.

MoMo PSB wallet

What services are available on MoMo

Through your MoMo wallet, you can send money to any mobile phone in the country as well as buy airtime/data and pay bills.

How to withdraw cash from your MoMo wallet

To withdraw cash from your wallet, visit a MoMo Agent. With an expansive agent network of over 166,000 active agents and digitized partnership infrastructure, you can be sure to find a MoMo Agent near you!

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20 thoughts on “How to Open a MoMo PSB Account and Get Instant N100”

  1. I think it’s a backward way to do things. In this age with smartphones around, I expected MTN to make it so that you interact with their new service using an app.

    Also, having to find a Momo agent before being able to withdraw is just bulls**t. They should have done something like Palmpay

    • Did you research how successful it works in other countries like Ghana, like very successful? Besides, it’s not targeted at the Savvy phone users like us, but the larger percentage of people (farmers, market women, village People) who don’t use smartphone or have internet.
      It will shock you to know they are plentier (sic) than us, that’s their target market.

  2. Must the phone number be registered on momo to receive the money?
    Then again, that means you also need to visit agent to fund your wallet too?

    • Dialing that code will automatically tell U to create ur 4 digit PIN. Once you create ur pin, you’ll be automatically registered and ur 100 naira will be sent to ur momo wallet immediately

  3. I am an agent of momo, and i get more commission when i open wallet for the customers. I wish more grace of this company.

  4. I want to change my momo pin because I forgot the old one but I can’t do it. pls can you assist me this is my number 0810***3503


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