By 2025, You’ll be Using 45GB – 90GB of Data Per Month

Data Usage – Considering the rate at which data zaps these days, I’m sure some you use up to 10GB per month aside from what you download. The question is how much data will be enough for you in 30 days?

Some of you rarely finish 3GB data in 30 days, while some of you use that daily. Ericson forecasted that by the year 2025, smartphone users would consume more than 45 gigabytes (GB) of data per month. 

And if you are using 5G connectivity by then, you’ll be using twice that amount of data which is 90 GB per month

Earlier this month, NBS listed 10 states in Nigeria with the highest number of subscriptions in terms of data as seen below. It will interest you to know that by 2025, data subscription for these 10 states will have tripled.

Data usage
Image Credit: NairaMetrics. – Data usage

Ericson believes that data consumption per month on average would be nearly four times the amount consumed currently. The report, in other words, estimated that the amount of monthly mobile data traffic consumed by a smartphone user would rise from 5.6 Gigabytes to 45 Gigabytes.

Ericson arrived at this conclusion based on the fact that video streaming behavior is on the rise among smartphone users. Video streaming currently stands out as the most significant traffic type consumed by smartphone users, at an average of 60 percent of total traffic.

If you stream Netflix, Watched, Irokotv, On-Air-TVInstagram tv, and the rest, then you should be preparing to go for unlimited data plans which by then might be around N20,000 – N25,000 ($55 – $69).

If you are still experiencing excessive data consumption, use these tricks here to reduce it.

How much data do you currently use per month?

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7 thoughts on “By 2025, You’ll be Using 45GB – 90GB of Data Per Month”

  1. Yomi, the way data zaps is like kerosene from a leaking stove. I believe there is a manipulation from service providers with secret returns to NCC. I was surprised when I consumerd 22GB from my Airtel line within 2weeks despite I was using other network data to supplement it. Even my Glo 5K for 18GB doesn’t last me for more than 2weeks. I believe almost all network does that.

    I am seeking your humble advice Yomi on how to get go unlimited. Which network offers unlimited data without secretly capping their data (FUP). I wanted to use Ntel. I discovered each of their unlimited plan is secretly capped. I can’t be fetching water from a river to fill a drum when a pipe is secretly connected to the same river I am fetching water from. I am a heavy data user. Please I need your advice.

    • Hello Alvin,
      In such a time like this, it is best you go unlimited. First of all it depends on the city where you are located. If you are in Lagos or Port-harcourt, I suggest you try Tizeti. They give you unlimited plan.

      Alternatively, you go give Spectranet a shot, you have unlimited night plans from 1AM – 7AM if you go with any of their mega value pack. Every other ones are capped.

  2. Mr Yomi, I know the secret behind illegal data consumption will soon be out. Imagine doing the 3500 for 20gb twice a month and I am not downloading any heavy files. I still have to supplement it with the 200 for 1gb welcome back sub that barely last for 24hours.
    I think there is a magic tool attached to our data. I’m using more than the amount suggested in this article already, and it has not always been like that.

  3. I use MTN HyperNet Flex, and have used 50GB in 1 week. Prior to that, I used over 90GB in 3 weeks on Swift. I guess I already am in the future. Averagely, I use over 3.0 GB daily. It takes the grace of God to be able to pay for data without feeling it. But, let’s just say data is the new currency because without it, we cannot stay relevant in this generation. It is one of the tools for staying relevant.

  4. So it’s not only me that’s experiencing this ungodly data deduction? I am already running out of my mind with the way I’m spending on data plans…


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