How to Become MTN SIM Registration Agent

Depending on whom you are, what you do, or where you live, you can turn up additional hustle to what you do by becoming an MTN Sim Registration Agent.

As an MTN SIM Registration agent, you’ll be involved in actively promoting its products and services, and you’ll be provided with the needed pieces of training to help you effectively succeed in this new-found hustle.

MTN Sim registration agent


To become Sim Registration Agent, you must have the following in place.

You must have a registered company name

You must have a shop or an office to carry out the SIM registration (It can also be just an umbrella shop or even in front of your house)

You must have a registered phone number

How to Become MTN SIM Registration Agent

>>Click on this link here

>>Carefully fill in your details

>>Once done, hit the submit button

Or simply send your “Name, shop location and registered phone number” to [email protected]

Once done, wait to be contacted by MTN staff and you’ll be told on what next step to take.

If you can’t do any of the above, you can simply walk in to any MTN office nearest to you and make inquiries on MTN’s various services available for investments.

Remember that having one source of income isn’t safe enough…


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  1. Please who have idea on profit becoming mtn agent bcoz I once sell mtn recharge card a park (10) is been sold at 980naira so for a pack the gain is 20naira glo pack the gain is 40 naira so it’s sheet before doing anything we need little idea please who know more about this mtn agent stuff

  2. What are the benefit one can get becoming a sim swap agent Pls. I love this business but have no idea on the benefit.

  3. I really love the MTN company and I will work for you free all I need is become MTN agent I have a shop illustrated and decorated with MTN symbols my dream is work for you please don’t let anxiety kill an innocent


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