MTN Adamant About Data Price Reduction, Launches Stay Safe Offer

It appears telecommunication providers in Nigeria are adamant and I don’t think they will reduce the price of data or give free data anytime soon.

A few days ago, Nigerians lamented and urge telcos to please cut down data price in the country considering the fact that lock-down and stay at home directive is implemented… but no word from any of the telecom providers.

Instead, MTN decided to launch a Stay Safe Offer to all MTN customers. The offer gives MTN Customers FREE 300 National SMS EVERY month for the next 3 months, capped at 10 SMS per day per customer.

Here is the breakdown

>>All National SMS will first be charged from the 10 Free Stay Safe SMS Account.

>>Once you exhaust the 10 Free National SMSs for the day, you will be charged from the applicable bonus/bundle OR main account.

According to MTN, This offer is to enable its customers to communicate with their loved ones in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

But Nigerians have reacted to the offer; see it as an insult to Nigerian people. In this present age where about 90% of subscribers make use of instant messaging to communicate with their love ones which in return requires data; MTN wants to take subscribers back to the ancient times of SMS.

According to August hosanna,

Thank you for the Audio relief you sent, but I ask that you do not insult the Nigerian people, at this time when online firms are slashing prices for their services or giving it free altogether, you come and give us 300Text msgs, 10 days to do what with it? In this modern age?

Adesola Idowu: Thanks for the tip and thanks for the 10 free daily SMS. But please, can you do something as regards data? Something like charge reduction or free data. It’s needful. Thanks

Jerry Phil: Make una make cutdataprice una dey give one mumu tips, wetin concern me?

MTN Stay safe offer

But that is not all, Nigerians have complaints of recent that MTN Network is beginning to look epileptic-like Glo in nature to the point where you can hardly stream YouTube. The network is slow, users are complaining, but MTN is not listening.

Should subscribers port to other networks or just remain with the MTN network?


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  1. I cannot stop laughing, make una leave me o… Only Nigerians could be victim of such insult, this is beyond embarrassing…


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