Amazon is Coming to Nigeria to Take on Jumia and Konga

The rumor flying around is that Amazon is coming to Nigeria, and is going to take away some market share from Jumia and Konga. The competition is going to be tensed for the major players in the Nigerian market.

According to information gathered from Business Insider, the company plans to expand into five new countries across Africa, South America, and Europe. The five countries include Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Nigeria, and South Africa.

Amazon Nigeria

The firm is investing in long-term growth even as it scales back parts of its United States retail. Amazon currently has marketplaces in 20 different countries.

The timing of the rollout revealed that the company is set to roll out in Nigeria in April 2023.

“The timing of the rollout were detailed in an internal timeline: Belgium’s marketplace, called Project Red Devil, is slated for late September,” the report said.

“The one in Colombia, dubbed Project Salsa, is scheduled for February 2023. South Africa, codenamed Project Fela, is also expected in February 2023. The marketplace in Nigeria is due to launch in April 2023. That project shares the codename Project Fela with South Africa. Chile is planned for April 2023, too. That shares the Project Salsa name with Colombia.

“All countries are planning to launch with their own marketplace and access to Amazon’s fulfillment service called Fulfillment by Amazon, one of the documents said.”

According to the report, Amazon’s Prime membership program is expected to be available after the firm’s launch in Belgium, while the other four countries will get it shortly after their introductions.


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