WhatsApp Multi-Smartphone Support is Coming

According to the latest report, WhatsApp is working on adding support for syncing chats across multiple smartphones.

The feature was sighted on the Android version, available through the Google Play Beta program. If you can still recall, it was earlier posted in May that the messaging platform was developing a companion mode, which would allow users to link a secondary smartphone to their account.

Whatsapp multi-smartphone

“The companion mode will allow users to link a secondary mobile device to their WhatsApp account without requiring an active Internet connection on the main device in order to send messages,”

How it Works

When users log into WhatsApp from a secondary mobile device, their chats are securely copied to the companion device. This process may take a while to complete, so WhatsApp is working on adding the same system message available on WhatsApp Web/Desktop even though at the moment, chats are still syncing old messages.

The latest WhatsApp beta update details for Android show the companion mode feature is still in development and testing.

There are no details for when these new features will arrive for non-beta users.

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