Latest WhatsApp Updates Rolling Out for February

Updates from the popular messaging app are still rolling out, just few days ago, the company rolled out the ability to record voice messages up to 30 seconds to share on Status. Not just that but more updates are currently in works.

Improved Privacy Controls

WhatsApp is now increasing the privacy controls when you share your Status. You can choose who watches your Status every time you share. WhatsApp says that it will keep your previous privacy settings the next time you share your Status.

WhatsApp Status update

Status Reactions

This was the most wanted feature according to WhatsApp. They’re finally adding Status reactions so you can quickly respond to what your friends and family share on their status. There are eight emojis to select from by swiping and replying on any status.

Schedule Call

This is a new feature still in work that offers users the ability to schedule calls within the group chat. Users will be able to schedule calls in advance with other group members, adding more convenience and flexibility to the way they communicate.

You can choose date, time and title of when you want the call to be placed and everyone in the group will be aware of it. This feature is still in work and no words yet on when it will be rolled out.

Private Audience Selector: users can quickly choose who views their status updates. This feature adds a more customized experience to the app as users can always control who sees their updates while sharing them.

Status Profile Rings for New Updates: thanks to this feature, you can easily see if there is any update for status right within the chat list.

More update are still rolling in, just update your app to see some of the updates.

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