How To Increase The Internal Memory Of Any Andriod Phone With Link2SD

Good day friends, I guess we are all enjoying our free 100MB
from ‘empty hen’ after they’ve successfully lavish us with free 1gb last week. 
It is obvious that most low ends Android device has low internal
memory and therefore hinders them from installing reasonable applications on
their device. It becomes ridiculous when you attempt to install an app and your
Android phone start acting funny. If your internal memory is low, then this

tutorial is for you.

I will quickly show you in easy steps how to increase the internal
memory of your Android phone. Ideally, you can’t  increase your internal memory literally but
you can allow your Android phone to use some of your Memory card internal storage  to install to some applications directly.
Tools Needed
Rooted Android Phone
Link 2SD Application
A Computer
I believe we all know what Rooting means therefore, I don’t need
to talk more about rooting. It will be very necessary to buttress a little bit
on Link2SD Application.
Link2SD is an application that works best on rooted Android
phones. It installs all the games and applications (except system apps that
have to remain on the phone memory) on SD card’s second partition (that you
have to create) and link them. This way, you can easily install apps and games
way beyond that ridiculous low internal storage your phone has.
Am going to take this very slowly so that everyone can get along.
The first thing we are going to do here is to partition our SD Card.
How Can I Partition My SD Card?
There are two ways of doing this but am only going to touch one
using MiniTools.
Download MiniTools here on your computer
Install and run Minitools (Make sure you keep
a back up of your SD Card and equally note the driver letter of your SD Card.
Select your SD card from the listing and delete it. All your data will be gone
at this stage. Please remember to back up before deleting.
Now select
“Create as” on that drive letter.
Select “Primary”.
If the size is
less than 2GB, select file system FAT. If it’s more than 2GB, select FAT32.
Do not select the
whole card as partition size. Turn the slider to the left and leave some space
on “unallocated space”. This will be the second “EXT” partition of your SD
Now, choose the
unallocated space again and select Create as -> Primary.
Now, choose EXT2
file system. You can let the whole space take over in this step.
Click OK and apply button. Once done, restore the data to
your SD card.
How To Configure Link2SD
Visit Google Play on your Android device to
download Link2SD.
Install and run the application. You may see a
screen asking for Superuser Permission (root permission) the first time you run
it. Make sure to select “Remember” and press Allow/Grant.

Note that if you don’t see this prompt, your phone is probably
not rooted. On successful launch after gaining root permission. Link2SD will
ask you to select the file system of your second permission. We remember we set
it as ext2. So, ext2 it is.


Once you ok it, your device will be prompted to be restarted. Restart
and open Link2SD again, a dialogue will show up, press ok and click the icon
you will see on the screenshot below.

Now select options and choose multi-select. Then press the
select all button. All of these apps will be selected.

Now, click Actions and then choose Create link.

Check all three boxes and touch OK.

Link2SD will now take a little time to move all these apps
and games (except system files) and create a link with them from the second
partition of your SD card. Touch OK when done.

Now, to make sure that every time you download something, it gets auto-linked
to the second partition, do the following:

Go to settings from Menu.

Click on  Auto Link.

Finally, Check all three check-box as seen above and you’re

That’s all friends, you no longer need to worry about low
memory on your Android phone using this method.
Feel free to ask your questions.






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22 thoughts on “How To Increase The Internal Memory Of Any Andriod Phone With Link2SD”

  1. i will quickly show you in easy steps on how to root your Techno N3. Just follow me carefully.

    Before we begin, get all this in place below:
    ==>First of all, download poot Here

    ==>You show goto settings on the phone –>Application: check unknown source; tap preferred install location, select internal device storage; tap development and check USB debugging and Allow mock locations.

    ==>Internet access on the phone
    once you have all the above in place, we can now begin the rooting process.


    ==>Goto file explorer on your phone and locate the poot application you downloaded above, click on it to instal.
    ==>After installing open the installed poot application from your menu icon, it will request to download ministro services, download and install Ministro II library from Google play store.
    ==>Now go back to open the poot application again, it will ask to update QT libraries, do that and your computer should restart automatically, if it doesnt restart it yourself.
    Now remove your memory card and boot the phone without a memory card.
    ==>Immediately the phone gets to home-screen quickly go and tab on the poot application and tab on press here to poot

    ==>After the above step your phone should shut down automatically (if it doesnt restart your phone and repeat from step 5).
    ==>After the phone goes off, it should come back, but if it does not you have to remove the battery and put it back, then start it.
    ==>Now again quickly tab on the poot aplication immediately your phone gets to the home- screen
    ==>If every thing goes well then you should see an option to download super user and root checker (if not try the steps again till you see this two options.
    ==>Now download and install the super user and root checker from the link on poot.
    ==>Open up root checker and click verify to check the status of your phone. you should see congratulation your phone has root access

    If you get stalked up along the way, All you should do is restart and keep trying, sometimes you will get it done at first instance some times even up to 10 times before getting it done.

  2. Thanks boss, will the link2sd app help me free up my RAM too or is it just for internal memory alone cos my RAM is too low and I need an app dat will help me increase it…well done

    • The link2sd only handle issues with space and creating additional space on your SD and not your Internal Ram. Android does a great job at managing the RAM and thus you don't need to worry about it.

  3. My device RAM is just 350MB and once I open one or two games or run few applications, the device becomes too slow and freezes…can u help out pls?

    • Link2Sd will help you free application space instead of running those app directly on your phone memory. I think it will help if you give it a trial. Once it is done, it will move some of your app directly running on ur phone memory to your SD.

  4. PROF i tried using d minitool to partition my 8gb sd after doin dat my fone tels me my mem card as being damaged over nd over, wat cn i do or pls explain d oda method of partitioning plsss

  5. Exactly had the same problem kept telling me my memory card is damaged that I should format. Please a better way of partitioning is needed thanks

  6. I have a cheap android phone which available Internal storage is 60 mb. I want to ask for your help so that I can enjoy games(candy crush) and other apps with this phone.My phone is firefly?How to root???need help


  7. Hey hi..
    I have a problem even after performing the above process the Installed Apps Application Data Rests with the Internal Memory so making worthless as this already done in my rooted phone via app2sd card..Even in that process Application data rests with the Internal Memory

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