Glo Slashed Down BB Tariff Plan To #1,000 For 3GB

It seems Glo network is currently coming back to their
originated senses  after a long time of
static blackberry tariff plan. You will all recall that Globacom is one of the  first
network to introduce Blackberry service in Nigeria before other
telecommunications join the cliq.

Few days ago, the globacom coordinator Nigeria
released a press statement slashing down their blackberry plan. According to
the statement, “Globacom is the first network to introduce Blackberry
service in Nigeria and we have continued to maintain the lead by offering
subscribers the best and most pocket friendly BlackBerry rates. We are offering
these new tariffs to encourage Nigerians to use data more frequently. This will
make life more abundant for our subscribers”,

According to the company, the new BlackBerry subscription
tariffs are as follows;
The bismonth plan of N2,800 with 3GB data, now goes for N1,
000 with 3GB data.
The Absolute Week plan goes for N500 with 700MB and the
COMONTH and COWEEK plans go for N899 and N400 with data allowance of 3GB and
700MB respectively.
Lets really hope they will continue in
daily tariff reduction and equally enable blackberry tariff  subscription to work on all device.
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28 thoughts on “Glo Slashed Down BB Tariff Plan To #1,000 For 3GB”

  1. Prof please i wanna upgrade to triod vpn premium acount but am not sure maybe triod still rocks…and again, upgrading to premium servers, will it last for one month?? Pls i need your feedback

    • mtn bis and etisalat bis don't works on techno android except you use mtn normally monthly plan whic goes for 1,300. to me this is weird.

  2. Bro tbro,tnks airtel just wipe ma 19gb so I needed to find a new alternative…and is youfreedom still working wit mtn bis?

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  4. I know that, have being usin awesome inc template. 4 smtimz now and i tried savin facebook coment code on it buh its not savin. Some1 told me facebook comment doesnt wk 4 dat type on templete. Am just askin which 1 works best wit facebook coment. my blog site is

    • Facebook comment codes works on all template. the reason why the code is not savings is because your network might be slow.. and editing such won't save at all on your dashboard. I will suggest you check your connections.

      I just visited your blog now, i must confess that you have a great awesome blog. Keep it up. I am equally using awesome template.

  5. Antonio Omeihe3 November 2013 08:51
    To be able to use on phone or modem,

    => Create configuration with the following:

    Name: GLO BIS

    ‪‎ Access‬point: or

    Antonio, Have you used this APN on glo bb before and did it work for you, on which device?

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