Etisalat Rocking With TunnelGuru

This tweak is not new but it’s still rocking as at my last
check, so I felt it’s ideal for  etisalat
PC users to rock this while it last. Tunnel guru rocks with etisalat with
0.0k just like the way Openvpn rocks with mtn few days ago and it’s still
rocking on some ironed sim.

For you to enjoy what I’m talking about,  download the latest version of tunnel guru
which is version 2.5 here
==>Run and install it on your PC
==>Configure  it as
seen in the pics below
 ==>Make sure you correctly enter your username and password
Configure your browser as seen below:
HTTP Proxy: 6050
SSL: 6052
save and hit the connect button.
Note: Make sure you have java runtime installed on your PC.
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