It sound like a fairy tale
That Coca-Cola is the most valuable
It sounds like a joke
That it came form coca leaf and kola-nut

It’s no fairy-tale and it’s no joke
Coca-cola sells bet
than gold, silver and bronze.
*It’s no fairy-tale and it’s no joke
We traded our talent….
they tapped the most valuable from it.
Indeed, they’re developed….
‘cos they develop anything that comes their way:
When we find.. we head straight to market squares
When they find.. they head straight to research centers.

They’ve gone so far ‘cos they labor for the future,
But we’ve stood so still ‘cos we labor for survival.
‘No food for lazy man’, has always being our guide
but we should be careful beyond that’
for there is “no future for ‘foody’ man”.

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