Quick Teller App – Recharge & Transfer Fund Or Pay Your Bills From Your Phone

This is simply bringing  banking closer 
to your bedroom as you can buy and transfer fund right inside your your living room. For
quite a long time, I have been wondering and this question keep bubbling on my
mind; when will I get  to the bank and meet
empty queue. It could be so frustrating going to the bank passing
through some unnecessary protocol. At times, you will have to stay on queue for
hours before it will get to your turn. But now, reverse is the case. You can
easily do anything you want to do with your bank right at the comfort of your

The most annoying aspect about all this banking
industry is that if you have some cash like #450 on top the average balance, they won’t allow you to withdraw it. But I bet you,
with this new or existing development, you can use those change to buy airtime
 Let me quickly introduce
you to Quick teller. Quick teller is own by interswitch company in charge of your Verve Atm
card. Initially, whenever I want to recharge online,  I normally pass through www.konga.com/recharge  instead of walking down the street to get my
airtime. But now, I can simply do that on my device.
Why Should I Download Quick Teller App
Recharge: With quick teller app, you can
recharge any amount online from all networks aside of rejected, buffeted and
infected network like M-tel right from your phone
Transfer money to another bank right from your
phone (Mobile Money)
Fund your mobile money wallet instantly
Make Payments: You can pay for your Airline
ticket book on hold, pay for hotel reservation etc
You can pay for your Dstv Subscription, Irokotv,
Mytv and Startimes Subscription payment right inside your kitchen with your
You can even pay for your PHCN bill from your
Compatible Phones With Quick Teller Apps
It is available for Blackberry OS5 and above, Android 2.1
and above,  and IOS
How Can I Download Quick Teller App?
Visit Google play and search for Quickteller or
download it here
Visit Blackberry App World and search for
Quickteller or download it here
Once you are through downloading the app, run it on your
device, enter your phone number and get your activation code via sms. 
NB: It only supports Verve ATM Card and Master card alone.
After reading this info, it will be a SIN for you to go to the bank and queue,
or allow those little change on your account balance to waste away with the
bank when you can recharge with it.
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