Happy New Year Everyone

Before they start sending you pirated New Year  unapproved messages without NAFDAC REG NO, let
me furnish you with the original approved and highly exceptional  2014 New year message.  If you have been crawling before, get ready
to walk; if you have been walking before, get ready to run; if you have been
running before, get ready to fly; if you have been flying before, get ready to
disappear because the year 2014 will be the best year for you ever.

In this 2014, you will get an exceptional miracle beyond
your widest imagination. If you have been trusting God for Job, admission,
promotion, fruitfulness, marital partner or otherwise I pray for you that
before the end of the first quarter in this 2014, God will surprise you with
amazing answers.
You may not have the money you need now, but the greatest
mistake anyone will ever make is to judge you based on what happened to you last
year 2013; I strongly believe that you will laugh out loud with result this
We did it together in 2013, we can still do it and we’ll do
it together in 2014 with a touch of excellence. Happy 2014. Luv ya all!
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19 thoughts on “Happy New Year Everyone”

  1. Happy new year ooo, My Senior Boss, Yomex

    Same to you also,

    Please make us break this MTN FREE Internet Browsing of a thing this new 2014 year ooo.


    May God Continue to be with you and guide you Through.

    Lots of Love.

  2. New year to you but there is a little problem..i subscribed to mtn unlimited 1day plan but couldn't use it on my android..please help

  3. Happy new year to you too my dearest Yomi. you have been a source of joy to many in your free giving habit and this has endeared you to the hearts of many,
    And so i join all in saying that God give you more grace to keep on feeding your readers with interesting tips on cheap internet and online presence.
    You will also be blessed through your efforts this year in Jesus name, amen.
    Kudos my brother and friend, 2013 was good but this year, O! i hold my breath on what God is going to do for all of us that trust in him.

    Happy new year everyone!

    • Oh Chibaby, You've been my bestie sweet hrt and i must confess, you are source of encourageent to me. I know this year will bring something amazing to each and everyone of us.

      Thanks for been dir all the time. Will holla your line sweetie!

    • Hello
      It's so unfortuanate that Mtn, Eti and Glo one day plan ain't working on Android at this moment. Except Airtel one day plan which is not unlimited.

      If you have yourfreedom software on ur Android device, just try your etisalat sim and it will connect. Though its not fast and limited to some numbers of hours.


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