BBM2.0 Now Available For Free Voice Calls, Android & iOS

I think bbm is just getting better by the day for those who
love it. Some  hours ago, blackberry
added a voice chat feature which enables you create a voice call to any BBM
user in the world. When a BBM contact is available for a BBM Voice call you’ll
see a green icon in the top right hand corner of your chat. To call them,
simply touch the green icon and your call will be connected.

Charges are taken
from your wi-fi or data connection.

This was an official update from blackberry Today, we’re excited to be adding those
great new features and more to BBM that users on iPhone, Android and
BlackBerry** can enjoy. When the update becomes available later today, these
new features will give you more ways to chat and share than ever before on BBM”,

and I bet it’ way better than the one you are currently using.
Location Sharing: This features was also included in the new
bbm2 for Android & iOS that allow you share your location.
Dropbox Integration: With Dropbox built in to BBM, you can
send a file from your personal cloud directly to a BBM contact. On the
receiving end, save the file directly to your smartphone or add it to your
Dropbox account.
Just relax if you can’t see the update at your ends yet, it
will get to you.
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