4 Ways To Use Less Than 1GB Data On Your Android Monthly

I just can’t imagine the speed at which 2Gig disappeared on
Phantom A3 within 1week without downloading, uploading, streaming or updating
of any visible app. I dial to check the data balance only to see 0.18mb left of
your data balance. Ha..! Was the the only thing I could say when the babe

finished narrating her touching story. The question is it
a crime for Telecom services to introduce AIS?

I know a lot are equally wondering why and how Android phone
consume data mercilessly unlike it’ fellow counterpart bb that doesn’t at all.
If you can do what I’m about to share with you, I bet you won’t need to lament
over excessive data consumption on your Android device again for life.
How Can I Use Less Than 1GB Data Monthly?
==>Download noRoot Firewall from play store, install it, start it & navigate
to apps tab and disable the apps that connect to internet automatically.
==> Turn
off auto update of apps, disable auto video download on whatsapp and bbm, use
opera mini to browse or disable flash player on chrome or firefox.
==>Close unused app like gmail synchronization and the rest of them.
==>Root your Android Phone and if possible, download
Droidwall (With droidwall install, you don’t need noRoot Firewall).
You can also check out this “How to reduce data consumption“.
Android is mainly design to be online 24/7 but wisdom they
say it’s profitable to direct.
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12 thoughts on “4 Ways To Use Less Than 1GB Data On Your Android Monthly

    • Hello Science, i didn't get your message at all. Maybe you should email me the tutorial again. But i think mtn night plan that gives you 4.5gb allow you to browse with 1.5gb during the day time and 3gb during the night time.

  1. dial *102# it works on modem and works on phone tooo. You'll be given 4.5gb. 1.5gb to browse within the day and the rest 3gb to browse during the night hours.

  2. thank you yomi prof…now I can browse a day with 15mb without downloading unlike before where I use up to 50-60mb without downloading…..
    but there are too much of noroot firewall on google….but I download the one With the author GREY SHIRTS;hope that one is good…

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