How to Activate Free 3GB Data For Those Who Bought SmartPhones From Jumia

Its obvious lots of people who
bought smartphones from Jumia during the Jumia Mobile week are still having
issues with the activation of the free 3GB Data. Some people succeeded in
activating it while some concluded that the 3GB is a scam from Jumia. Whatever
your conclusion is, read the below;

read the guideline to the MTN Data activation below.

1. What’s exactly included in the data plan?

3GB of data + 6 months free whatsapp + 1 month
free Music Plus App + 100% bonus on 260MB recharge and above during 12 months +

2. How do I know if I am eligible for the

If you have purchased your device between the
1st and the 7th of June during the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon, you are eligible
for this. 
The promotion is attached to the device, so
once you receive it, don’t activate any other promotion/package if your preference
is the one stated stated, as no device can have more than one data package at
the same time.

3. How much time do I have to activate it?

Offer will be available for activation until
the 21st of June.

4. How do I activate the data?

Send an SMS with the text “FREE” to
131. You will receive a confirmation message within minutes.

5. If I use my old SIM card, can I still
activate the promotion?

Yes, promotion is attached to the device, not
to the SIM so text “FREE” to 131 from your new device and it will be

6. When is my data going to be activated?

The data plan will be activated within the
next 24 hours.

hope this will help you with your data activation. Jumia cares!
What if I’ve Done The Above & The Data isn’t Activated?
Kindly send your phone IMEI & phone number to service @ and you’ll be attended to.
Note: After 21st of June, 2015 you won’t be able to activate the 3GB data again on your new devices. And if you are in need of free N2,000 coupon code to shop on jumia, just drop your email and I’ll send it to you (Just for one person please).
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18 thoughts on “How to Activate Free 3GB Data For Those Who Bought SmartPhones From Jumia

  1. Yomi..i hv a prob with my tecno p5…sometyms…wen i click on the phone icon or any oda icon…it opens and den returns to d main menu or home screen…hw do i fix dis pls

    • Are you sure your device doesn't have a virus? Do you have active antivirus installed on yur device? if you don't, download one and thoroughly scan your P5.

  2. Prof. Please do you know anyone or a friend of yours that sells iphone 6 at affordable prices. Lower than that of Jumia and co. I missed the Jumia coupon

    • Lol! Jumia sue me kee? for what na bros… Dem get mind niii? I am just considering those who bought the phone so that they can enjoy the 3GB first before tweakers will finish all the imei for them.

      However you can join whatsapp group if you want to enjoy 3GB imei…

      Add this number up, and tell the number to add you to the WhatsApp group 08038016735

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