Etisalat Sue NCC in Favor of MTN Over Family & Friends Promo

This is no longer a comedy show between your favorite
network but its happening in real life. Etisalat sued NCC some couples of days
ago for allegedly leaving MTN an industry advantage with a 30 percentage
differential between MTN’s off-net and on-net voice mobile services.

 Etisalat, in the main suit, is seeking a review of a decision
said to be recently taken by NCC, allowing 30 per cent differential between
MTN’s off-net and on-net retail mobile voice tariffs.

Etisalat is contending that MTN’s
‘Family and Friends’ promo, which offers a call rate of 11 kobo per second to
eight MTN subscribers and two non-MTN subscribers, is posing a threat to its
business survival.
“Etisalat explained that when it realised that MTN had
launched its Family and Friends promo, it wrote several letters, including one
dated February 28, 2015, to NCC, to complain but NCC refused and failed to
compel MTN to immediately withdraw the aforesaid tariff option,”
In other words, this is indeed a breach of NCC regulations called “Determination of Dominance” in favor
of MTN and Etisalat is seeking a judicial review. 
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