Crazy: PayPal Want to Make Your Body a Password By Ingesting a Pill

In this modern age, if you don’t have a PayPal account or
you don’t know what it means, then you are in for a very long work to freedom.
I’ll suggest you get the next available link and open one for yourself if not,
what you are about to read will just be like a fairy tale.

I know some of you are not good with remembering password.  Some of you have up to 3 passwords for
different accounts which normally make you to forget which one to use for a
particular account. But wait a minute, PayPal got a solution for you.
is concerned about customers having trouble remembering passwords to access the
And so they have formulated a remedy –
they are planning to put a small microchip into a pill, which individuals can
swallow every now and again to give automatic access to the website without
having to type in a password.
The microchip is like an electronic key that you swipe.
Rather than swiping, here is how it works: Every time you are near a computer
and intend to buy something, PayPal won’t ask you to remember your password.
PayPal will get the signal from the microchip in the pill you swallowed and log
you in automatically.
To all PayPal users, Will you swallow the PayPal pill when
it hit the market?
Source: Daily Beast
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