Glo Gbam+ – Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan Ever (11K/Sec)

These networks saga is getting more interesting as the
entire network decided to add a “plus” package to their existing package.
Etisalat Easy Life 4.0 opened the door for 11k/sec calls to all network,
followed by MTN Tru Talk Plus, Airtel Smart Talk and now Glo Gbam+.

Glo Gbam + (Plus) is the latest Glo cheapest call tariff
plan that offers all prepaid Glo subscribers the ability to make calls to all
networks at 11K/sec after a daily access fee of N5. And you should note that the
N5 will only be deducted  on days you
make chargeable call, therefore you will not be charged the N5 daily access on
days that you do not make any call. 
With the Glo Gbam + (Plus) you can also call 5 international
of US, UK, China, India and Canada at a flat rate of 20k/sec local
and international SMS rates are charged at N4 and N10 respectively.
How Can I Activate This Package?

==>Dial *100*6*1# (Activation is free)
This is way better than MTN True Talk+ because MTN charges
you daily with or without you making calls or not.
I also heard Airtel plan launching another data plan 1GB for
1K for all android users, but it hasn’t yet be verified.
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10 thoughts on “Glo Gbam+ – Cheapest Glo Tariff Plan Ever (11K/Sec)

  1. Hmm… Glo is just trying everything to come back into our mind. First 1Gb for 100 now this. Can't say it's a bad thing tho'.

    Quick question bruv "how can make a navigation bar such as yours?"

  2. I saw pple giving testimonies to dis but it didn't work for me tho. U all can try it and share data with me. SPB to 131 and 101 to 131. It's free and I learnt it works beta with new sims

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