PayPal Dumps Nigeria, Allows Zimbabweans to Receive Funds

Despite the facts that PayPal recently ranked Nigeria as the
3rd  in Mobile shopping,
Indian 2nd and China 1st; despite the facts that Nigeria is one of
the most populated African country with the biggest market, PayPal neglect
Nigeria and high jumped to Zimbabwe. 

In 2014, PayPal launched it services in Nigeria as same time
it was launched in Zimbabwe and some other African Countries. But deactivated the
receive fund features on their platform limiting users to only send funds but won’t
be able to receive.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve signed PayPal enable
us receive fund in Nigeria signature on, yet no positive result.
But something different happened, some couples of days ago,
PayPal  enabled the received fund
features in Zimbabwe meaning they can now send and receive funds via PayPal.
I don’t know why PayPal bypass Nigeria and pitch her tent
only in Zimbabwe. I know a lot of people who wish to work from home but because
of the inability to receive funds via PayPal, neglect the job. This is
inconclusively long overdue. 
PayPal, when will you enable the receive funds feature in
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17 thoughts on “PayPal Dumps Nigeria, Allows Zimbabweans to Receive Funds”

  1. It is not even the fault of our banking system. It is the fault of Nigerians. Me that I'm a Nigerians gan, I dont trust other Nigerians. I wa ole ti kpo ju. Yahoo Yahoo is too much among us.

    I guess PayPal don't trust us.

  2. Oga Prof you should have know why, PayPal is yet to alow receiving of fund in Nigeria but guys still cash out PayPal.
    PayPal has look beyond today thats why Nigeria is yet to be consider

  3. PayPal are not living in Nigeria here to fully understand us. But already they believed that Nigeria Government is too bad and that everyone are criminal and scammer. So for them, they neglected Nigeria for security reasons.

  4. Well, if paypl like it, let them keep placing Nigerians in a state of inferiority propagation. But practically speking they will be forced to include us very soon. This is coming from Jaysciencetech one love


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