NCC Temporarily Suspend Do-not-Disturb (DND) – Expect Unsolicited Messages From Telcos

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), temporarily suspend its direction to Telcos on Do-Not-Disturb (DND).

This is to enable the service providers disseminate specific information on voter education on behalf of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Currently, over 12 million subscribers in the country have activated the DND code.

Do not disturb mode

The DND is an initiative by to save consumers from unsolicited calls/SMS. If a person registers his/her mobile number, then it would be illegal for telemarketers to send any sort of unsolicited SMS or calls on those numbers.

According to NCC, The that in implementing the suspension, MNOs are to be mindful of existing directives regarding the timing and regularity of such messages and the fact that the temporary suspension is only with regards to the specific messages on voters’ education.

It will be recalled that NCC said Telcos will be fine N500,000 if they send subscribers unsolicited messages… but now, they have the go ahead to do so pending till when NCC will restore its directives.

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