Inforgraphics: Why Are You Not Using Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?

In the last few years, we’ve seen the rise in the usage of
bitcoin and its adoption in Nigeria is overwhelming. Not only does the African
country top Google Trends charts for Bitcoin-related searches, but wallet
downloads and trading volumes are also growing exponentially.

Nigerians now use bitcoin to trade, for investment and so
many other things. In no time, we expect to see popular e-commerce stores adopt
the usage of bitcoin as exchange for goods and services.
Between last year and now, we’ve seen bitcoin rises about
200% and analyst forecast that before the year runs out, 1 bitcoin may be worth
why nigerians use bitcoin
bitcoin usage in nigeria
Bitcoin usage in nigeria
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Funny enough, lot of people are not using bitcoin and we
want to know why? As the virtual currency continues to gain ground, we asked
our Nigerian customers: how do you view Bitcoin and what do you do with it? Why
are you not using it?
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27 thoughts on “Inforgraphics: Why Are You Not Using Bitcoin Cryptocurrency?”

    • You are right, you are a fan and not an investor. investor trade with bitcoin and fan only observe bitcoin value rise without doing anythng about it.

      If i were you, grab yourself some bitcoin and keep it in your wallet even if you won't trade with it and watch the value rise in no time. Afterall you can cash it out anywhere in Nigeria

  1. There are so many ways to increase ur bitcoin and make money with it if u dont want to trade, instead of leaving ur money idle in the bank, you can invest and make between 3 to 5 percent of ur capital every 24 hours and cash out immediately if you want. Feel free to ask question, and if u are intrested i will put u through while you do it ur self, whats me on 08033169313 or chat me on facebook by searching with the same phone number im kelechi by name

    • This days, free food is no longer free. Free money is not free. You'll need to buy and store if you need bitcoin. When you are ready to buy, I'll direct you to a trusted seller

  2. Anybody can trade bitcoin. You either trade or you invest or you do the two. I've been trading fully since April and it's been a wonderful experience. Someone said it's not for novice, well I will say anybody who can use the internet can trade bitcoin and make money from it. Trading or investing in btc is entirely different from the Ponzi schemes which use btc as a medium of payment. Though I knew btc through Ponzi(mmmunited) but I've since made a lot from trading btc. Am Dharnchuks on remitano, if you'd like a little help on how to start trading, I will be happy to advice you. [email protected]


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