#2 Businesses You Can Start With N5000

A lot of people have money but lack the ideas on what business to do with their money. I have already written about 20 business ideas you can start with less than N100,000 and make your profit like a business tycoon.

But let me add to this, you don’t need to have up to that amount before you start that business. With just N5000, you can start the below business idea and watch it while it grows.

Mobile and Electronic Accessories Like Pouches, Chargers, USB cables and Earphones

Do you know that with just N5000 you can kick start this business? All you need to do is to visit Ali Express, Deal Extreme etc… Place your order in bulk and it will be delivered to your place of residence or location.

business ideas

Getting customers and marketing businesses like this doesn’t even require a physical office for a start.

Just take it to social media and ask your friends and family to help you share and retweet.

Potato and Plantain Chips Business Ideas

One dozen of Plaintain/Potato chips sells for N500. With your N500, you can get atleast 10 dozen of plantians/potatoes. This alone will get you a profit of atleast N1000. Of cause, you can have a better turnover depending on the customers you are dealing with.

business ideas

Don’t allow this month to pass bye without engaging in one of the businesses discussed earlier or something else.

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27 thoughts on “#2 Businesses You Can Start With N5000”

  1. The sale of mobile and electronic accessories is not a bad idea. But I seriously doubt if N5000 will be sufficient to acquire such goods in bulk.

  2. Yea, i sponsored someone for the plantain and potatoes chips and she is doing pretty fine now.
    This is really an encouragement to those who wants to startup with something little

  3. I can really vouch for that plantain chips business. The way the stuff sells around Isolo, Lagos is mind blowing. One minute full bags of product, the next, empty bags lying all around. Just like magic

  4. Not bad. Selling of used clothes especially those of kids.
    reselling fuel in areas that have bad electricity.
    starting a laundry/dry cleaning service without a shop, u can use ur house for a start, With time as u get more money u can rent a shop. With 5000 naira you can. Try ur best guys

    • On aliexpress dre r so many ladies accessories that u can order for on aliexpress.I believe ladies stuffs move faster
      Ur babe (if u v one) shud be able to market them for u

  5. Mini importation is not bad but there are challenges.
    1. Sometimes goods take longer expedited time to arrive and you lose temper over it.
    2. Sometimes you sell off and still have demands, the time of waiting for new arrival can be tiring. The goods may even be out of stock on the store. Making you to be inconsistent.
    3. Sometimes these cheap deals are just fake. I remember ordering otg 64gb flash drives. It was all crap. You sell it off and customers begin to file complains. So, cheap articles remains as we call it “Chinko”

    • U dey form…some guys r selling beans cake around my bus stop,if u know how people patronize dem,u won’t be talking like dis,
      It’s all about the way u package the business

  6. @fabulous, on the issue of complaints frm customers, u av be on the look out ni o. Make sure u buy good ones frm a reliable seller and dats y we av feedbacks on each seller’s page and atimes wen u r nt dat sure , kindly order minute quantity for a test


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