What is Happening With Zoto? Have they pack up?

It’s weekend again people but let me ask, What is happening with Zoto?

There have been a lot of complaints about them lately… Zoto started having failed transactions, then eventually went unavailable. No mails from Zubby from Zoto, no reply to mails, no reply on social media, Nothing.


I checked their twitter handle and it was last updated in June. Lot of complains on their twitter handle without any reply to any.

I also checked reviews about the app on Google playstore and the same complains of no response, and someone even complain about his cash and bonuses frozen. Have they ran out of business? What happen to the ‘once upon a time’ trending simple app called zoto?


People’s money are trapped in there, have they ran away or they just played Nigerians like another Ponzi scheme?

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28 thoughts on “What is Happening With Zoto? Have they pack up?”

  1. Hmmm thank God i wasnt a victim of there pack and go.
    My bank block me from recharging.
    Maybe the are taking a nap

  2. Maybe they are restrategizing (wishful thinking). I only used them when they first started, collected my referral bonus, recharged through them once or so and uninstalled the app.

  3. I feel sorry for those that their Money is trapped. After collecting registration bonus, can’t remember using the app again

  4. Observed this for a very long time now. Would have been a victim if not my ATM card got expired. I feel for those whose monies are trapped though

  5. zoto has fucked us up big time. I regret every using that st*** app to buy airtime. Would have left a long time ago.

  6. I feel sorry for them because I enjoyed their service, I only noticed this the app was misbehaving last month after a couple of months. I hope they come back because it is things like this that make people not trust online transactions that involve money.

  7. I made so much money on Zoto than anyone could ever imagine. No matter what they do now, i thank them. During the 1st referral programme where u get #1000 for every referral, i simply bought new sim cards for #50 each without registration and referred all the sims myself thereby getting #1000 on every sim then later sell to a merchant for #8500 for every #10000 mtn airtime. I made over #200k

    • i dont understand, that thought was on my head. i tried doing that but did not succed. could u pls enlighten me on how u did it should in case such opportunity pop up in the near by future

  8. Truly their movements are like that of a pon I scheme but I believe they’ll be back. Every business will suffer some downtime but how they handle it and pick up themselves matters.

  9. I just deleted the app from my phone only to open this site and seeing it 1st..lol, now wey i wan enjoy thier bonuses wey i dhy hear 4 ma ear since.

  10. Zoto has really helped alot of us…
    i just they come back as soon as possible…. dre absence is really affecting my business.
    for most of my transactions now i make use of Topup Africa that hardly give bonuses like zoto…
    if u have money on zoto dre’s way u can get ur money out of it.
    just drop ur comment under

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